Thursday, June 30, 2016

Fourth of July Tips and Hacks

Planning on having your own firework extravaganza this fourth of July weekend? Here are a few pointers and hacks to keep your event great! 

Make a home-made sparkler shield to keep the little hands burn free! 

Starfruit is an excellent fruit that is begging to be dyed and put out on the table.

Cut your watermelon into stars for a beautiful fruit salad.

Use jello to make patriotic parfaits.

Slip and Slide down a tarp this summer to cool off. All you will need is a touch of soap, water, and a challenging hill.

Looking for a drink to mix-up? Combine Sobe Pina Colada, Ocean Spray Cran-Apple, and Gatorade Frost Glacier for a patriotic beverage. 

Use cupcake liners to keep the bugs out of your afternoon cocktails. 

You can also use a liner to keep the Popsicle from dripping onto the kids hands. 

No grill brush insight? Aluminum foil will leave your grill shining like new! 

Slicing an onion in half will also do the trick! 


Stay SAFE this 4th of July

Monday, June 20, 2016

Text Neck

    Text neck, a term originated by chiropractors, describes a type of chronic
neck and back pain caused by overuse of the neck and shoulders. It is caused by prolonged flexion; looking down at our phones, tablets, reading, and even schoolwork. When holding your body in this abnormal position, it can increase stress on the muscles which can cause stress headaches, fatigue, and even muscle spasms. Good posture is defined as: the ears aligned with the shoulders, hips, and feet.

    Humans were designed to stand upright. People average 2 to 4 hours a day with their necks in this unnatural flexion position. That's 700-1,400 hours a year. The average adult head weighs 10 to 12 pounds when it's in the neutral or upright position. The further our head is out in front of us, the heavier it becomes. Loss of the natural curve in the cervical spine leads to increased stresses. These stresses may lead to early wear and tear and could cause degeneration. With proper alignment spinal stress diminishes. People with poor posture often have more poor physical and emotional health. 

    You may be asking yourself "what can you do to prevent the loss of your cervical curve?"  First, get to the chiropractor! We can teach you how to get your cervical curve back. Second, get in good shape, a strong neck and back are less prone to strain. Last but not least, acknowledge how much time you are spending looking down and try to balance it with looking up. Try to make sure you have good posture when using electronic devices. For example, hold your phone straight out at eye level, raise your computer monitor higher at your work desk so that you're looking up. 

    If you feel like you're suffering from "text neck," call to schedule your appointment today!  (352)729-5105