Thursday, October 13, 2016

Halloween Safety

     Dressing up and going Trick-or-Treating make Halloween an exciting evening for many children, to ensure the fun lasts all night, consider these safety tips before you head out to keep your little monster safe! 

1. Map your Route - Plan ahead of time which houses are safe and which you plan to visit. 

2.  Be Aware of Crowded Streets - Traffic accidents sharply increased on Halloween night. To keep you and your loved ones safe, wear reflective gear so you can be seen in the dark, and avoid large intersections.

3. Trick-or-Treat Early - If possible, take kids trick-or-treating before it gets dark, when visibility is better....and so are the candy options.

4. Have a Buddy System -  Kids need to keep each other in check by being accountable to one another. NOBODY should be permitted to enter a stranger's house. 

5. Substitute a Mask for Face Paint - Masks can limit your kid's peripheral vision and depth perception, but many costumes work just as well with face paint. Costume can't be done without a mask? Try cutting bigger eye holes 

6. Review Fire Safety - With candles and jack-o-lanterns at every turn, kids can easily get burned. Make sure they know the "Stop, Drop, and Roll."

7. Drill "WALK, Don't Run" into your Child's Head - If your kid knows to walk on Halloween, they will be in a better position to keep themselves safe from passing motorists. 

8. Teach Older Children - Keep their cellphone on them. It's a good idea for kids trick-o-treating without a chaperone to have a cell phone on them for emergencies, but you don't want it to become a distraction. Make sure your child knows to keep their head up at all times on the lookout for cars - especially when crossing the street. 

9. Keep Track of older trick-or-treaters - Download a location-sharing app on your Android or Apple device. Family Signal, for example, allows you to keep track of where your child is in the neighborhood. It also has a "panic button" your child can push in the event of emergency.

10. Candy Check - Always check your child's candy for obvious tampering before allowing them to consume any of it, teach them not to eat any candy until they are home. Let the kids eat dinner while you inspect and digest their candy. 

Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!